PanCakeFi is the world's Earn up to 1000% fixed

DeFi 2.0 collectible NFT ecosystem focused on incubating Metaverse and Web3 unicorns.

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About PanCakeFi

The first ever NFT Defi 2.0 platform which provides daily passive income for everyone and also the next generation NFTFi on NFT liquidity protocol

PanCakeFi is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) – the community owns and controls PanCakeFi. The community controls PanCakeFi’s direction.

The smart contract operates autonomously which means it is self-executing, running independently, without any human intervention, performing only the tasks that it was programmed to perform.

PanCakeFi operates via smart contracts living on the blockchain that have been permanently locked. This allows anyone to audit PanCakeFi’s open-source code whilst making it impossible for anyone to change it.

Core Strategy

At PanCakeFi, the fee for depositing and withdrawing liquidity is 0% because we are confident PanCakeFi is attractive enough to keep liquidity providers with us.

Swap fee

When you make a token swap, you will pay a lowest trading fee. This fee is considered “the best” when compared to other DEFI projects.

Gas fee

The PanCakeFi Protocol works on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20), so every interaction with the protocol PanCakeFi is executed in the form of an on-chain transation, and is thus subje4 to gas fee applicable to all transactions on the underlying Binance Smart Chain.


Two essential implicit costs native to AMM-based PanCakeFi are slippage for exchange users and divergence loss for LPs.

The journey from DeFi 2.0 to NFTFi

Our journey was the answer to a simple question. What would happen if a DeFi 2.0 project was 100% developed to NFTFi and Metaverse?
While none of us could have imagined it at the present, this was a concept that would start a revolution. Project start with DeFi2.0 and aim to built on the foundation of NFTFi & Metaverse are the untamed wilderness of our future. PanCakeFi is creating a DeFi 2.0 with a NFTFi Metaverse platform.

The idea of PanCakeFi was to create a trusted token that would have Potential Growth in value. As you hold onto the token longer, your assets grow faster and stronger with time due to its built-in hyper deflationary mechanism.
Even more, when you purchase a PanCakeFi NFT you also receive complimentary PanCakeFi tokens (PFI) that are staked to the NFT, investors have more incentive to hold as long as possible in order to receive huge profits in the end!

Layer 2 Protocol Powerful & AMM

With PanCakeFi Layer 2 Protocol Powerful, users not have to be diluted through large inflation rates which devalue the protocol. Say goodbye to being forced to exit the network you love to cope with a fluctuating market. Your long-term commitment to the success of a protocol can properly be rewarded, you finally become an actual part of the network.

This is the core-layer which we can use to soon build multi-staking & social staking. Over the coming months, PanCakeFi will be able to be staked for other flavors of crypto-assets, especially NFT. We are launching a platform which will become the accelerator for onchain adoption, in just a few steps.

It is a Binance chain-based AMM without central failure points or programming flaws. The government does not control it, and users do not face any counterparty risk. PanCakeFi with DeFi 2.0 Automated Market Maker (AMM) and PanCakeFi protocol will launch to create a genuinely sustainable and benefcial model that would ensure the longevity of the PanCakeFi ecosystem that allows for PanCakeFi to adapt and evolve with the DeFi space in general, allowing for high yield opportunities and ensuring that the PanCakeFi ecosystem continues to grow and adapt.


Phase 1

Start a project
Website Design v1
Social Content
AMM Testnet Launch
Seed and Private sale

Phase 2

Listings on DEX exchange (Pancakeswap)
Main Token launch
AMM release
Airdrop Platform
Public sale
Manual Burn
Add Special Pool and Farm on Testnet
Launch Special Pools
Referral System

Phase 3

Listing on CMC, CGK
NFTFi & Metaverse Conceptualization

Phase 4

Price 0.01 ... 0.05
List CEX
Dapp swap testnet (BSC)
Dapp Swap release
Dapp NFT testnet
Dapp NFT release

Phase 5

Swap on Testnet (ETH, Solana, Polygon,.. )
Fixed-Rate Swap
Fix UI/UX v2
NFT Marketplace
Website Design v2
Metaverse Conceptualization
Testing AR/VR